Neighborhood Search
Are your clients moving between cities, countries, or even across continents? Do you want to improve your service using an innovative new solution?

Algoly’s Neighborhood Search template allows you to customize our matching algorithm that can compare any address to any location in the U.S. and EU, to find the best location in the area for your clients.

With Algoly you decide what’s “best” by choosing the data points that are most important to your clients, such as: local amenities, average income or proximity to downtown. Based on your clients input, Algoly will gather the data for you, and creates the scores that are used to find the most closely matched location in their new city.

You can also change the weighting to make sure that the most important data points stand out.

Who Uses It
Relocation Agent:
Become an instant expert of your client's current home and advise them on their next best neighborhood.
Real Estate Agents:
Merge your local expert knowledge with the insights on your client's current home address.
Pricing can start from as little as $0.001 per search with a $100/month minimum charge.
Limited time offer: We gift you $10 worth of data to test your product.
Integration Time
Algoly Hosted Microsite:
Once approved, you are ready to get results immediately!
10 minutes to set up the API on your system.