Investment Analysis
Are you are a real estate developer, who wants to audit incoming investment opportunities at scale against your very individual investment criteria?

The Investment Analysis template conducts an automated location study, using any of the geolocation, demographic and urban city data points that you select. It then determines from your selected “success criteria” which properties fit your investment thesis.

Save time and make data driven and more consistent investment decisions.
Who Uses It
Real Estate Developers:
Run the same success criteria against any number of incoming investment opportunities. Save time and have more consistent insights.
Pricing can start from as little as $0.001 per search with a $100/month minimum charge.
Limited time offer: We gift you $10 worth of data to test your product.
Integration Time
Algoly Hosted Microsite:
Once approved, you are ready to get results immediately!
10 minutes to set up the API on your system.