Area Scan
If you spend a lot of time collecting information regarding an address, then our Area Scan template will immediately save you time, provide more consistent results and be able to surface more details.

Immediately find out how close the nearest supermarket is or what's the average income of the surrounding population! Choose the data points that you feel will help you make better decision faster.
Customize the search radius of each data point, or change the display option.
Who Uses It
Real Estate Developers:
Find out if the local area you want to invest in have the perfect demographic distribution and local amenities.
Real Estate Agents:
A powerful tool for assessing if an address has the local amenities and is at a suitable price point that will meet your client's needs.
Pricing can start from as little as $0.001 per search with a $100/month minimum charge.
Limited time offer: We gift you $10 worth of data to test your product.
Integration Time
Algoly Hosted Microsite:
Once approved, you are ready to get results immediately!
10 minutes to set up the API on your system.