Local Attractions
Do you have a need to find any points of interest around a large number of locations or just a single address? Our local attraction template might be a great addition for you.

This template searches a local area and finds the highest rated results from a category you choose from. It captures the key information that is requested, such as a name, picture (where available) and description.

This allows you to get the most up-to-date and highest ranked attractions wherever you search, whether this is for local tourists, sports fans or foodies.

You have access to a vast library of images and descriptions for tens of thousands of locations across the world.
Who Uses It
Hotels can easily display surrounding attractions on their website, without the need to monitor and update the results. Do it for any number of hotels at once.
Travel Agents:
For any city, chalet or peaceful retreat, there are always good locations that can be found. The local attraction template can find you the best locations nearby instantly.
Pricing can start from as little as $0.001 per search with a $100/month minimum charge.
Limited time offer: We gift you $10 worth of data to test your product.
Integration Time
Algoly Hosted Microsite:
Once approved, you are ready to get results immediately!
10 minutes to set up the API on your system.