Customer Search
The Customer Search template can help you to find the area where the customer profile of your choosing lives, based on another area you provide.
Our unique matching tool will review all of the data points that you have selected, and will then review both areas you have chosen to find the most closely matched.

You will get to choose from our vast library of data points, whether you need demographic, urban city or geolocation data. You are able to change the weighting to make sure that the most important data points stand out. It depends entirely on what's most fitting to your targeted customers.
Who Uses It
Real Estate Developer:
Be able to advertise your newly developed properties to people who live in similar neighborhoods in neighboring towns.
Store Owner:
If you want to expand the number of stores, then our Customer Search template can help you make a data driven decision to the right location.
Pricing can start from as little as $0.001 per search with a $100/month minimum charge.
Limited time offer: We gift you $10 worth of data to test your product.
Integration Time
Algoly Hosted Microsite:
Once approved, you are ready to get results immediately!
10 minutes to set up the API on your system.